Fall car care matters because your car has just endured a hot summer, and there is frigid winter weather up ahead. We recommend a checkup at our Acura service center in Peabody, MA to ensure the critical components are in working order. Here are some car tips to be mindful of during this time of year.

Check the Tires

The road you drive over every day has been subjected to summer heat, which causes the surface to warp, crack, sink, and bulge. This leads to uneven road surfaces that can be damaging, especially to tires that are underinflated, have tread wear, or have sidewall damage.

Have your car inspected for alignment and balance issues. The penny test is one DIY method you can do at home to measure tread wear.

Check the Headlights

Now that summer is gone, expect fewer hours of daylight. This makes your headlights and taillights all the more essential. The lights should enable you to see for about 200 feet ahead. If not, then you either need to replace the lights or have the light cover lens buffed. You may be able to restore the lens by waxing it with toothpaste.

Check the Wiper Blades

With fall comes the occasional drizzle. Test your wiper blades and inspect washer fluid levels. Are the wipers leaving a streak? Are the wipers’ rubber blades partially detached from the frame? Depending on the frequency of use, wiper blades may need to be replaced as often as every two to three years.

Schedule an appointment with our servicing department at Acura of Peabody. We perform maintenance on all Acura models, from the Acura ILX sedan to the Acura RDX SUV.