The temperatures are dropping outside and we know that our customers want to do everything they can to keep their cars in top shape all season long. Here at Acura of Peabody, we have the expert advice you need to keep your luxury vehicle running smoothly this winter. One way you can do that is by focusing on the health of your battery. This small part plays a big role and you’ll notice if it’s having issues.

If you didn’t already know, the battery is what helps your car start up. Unfortunately, in extreme temperatures, they can run into some problems. During the cold winter months, you may find that your 2018 Acura MDX might not want to start up.

That’s why you need to take good care of your battery. Pop the hood and look for corrosion on the connectors and cables. Make sure that you’re not leaving on the interior lights or headlights when you’re getting out of your car. Even if you’re just getting out for a second, this can drain your battery. You don’t want to be stuck in the cold with a car battery that won’t start, so make sure you take good care of your car this winter.

You can also visit our Acura service center near Beverly, MA for a checkup. This is an especially smart idea if your battery is a few years old. We can test the battery load and give it a closer look to see if you’re in need of a replacement.

We offer the genuine Acura parts that you’re looking for and we even offer frequent service specials. We’ll help you keep your Acura car or SUV in top shape this winter. We look forward to assisting you!