We’ve talked a lot about SUVs and crossovers on our blog in recent months. Drivers want spacious and luxurious vehicles, and we have them here at Acura of Peabody. Some people think that there are very few differences between SUVs and crossovers, aside from their size, but it’s actually a bit more complex than that. From how they’re built to what platform they use, here’s what you should know about each type of model.

The typical SUV is built on a platform that could also be used by a truck. This results in a vehicle that’s a bit bigger, more rugged, and more capable of taking on tough tasks on a work site. An SUV might also have some serious off-road capabilities. They are also built using a body on frame construction method, meaning that the body and frame are built separately and joined together later in the manufacturing process.

A crossover, like the 2019 Acura RDX, is built on a platform that could be used by a car as well. This doesn’t mean that a crossover has to be a small two-row model though. Many three-row vehicles commonly thought of as SUVs are technically crossovers, based on how they’re built. These are all made with a unibody construction, meaning that the body and the frame are built together as one entity. This results in a lighter vehicle with crumple zones that can keep a driver and their passengers safer if the crossover collides with an object or another vehicle.

So when you’re looking for a spacious and capable luxury vehicle, visit our Acura dealership near Danvers, MA. Our experts are ready to answer all of your questions about the latest models or the Acura financing process. We look forward to helping you!