Is your car backed by a full-service history report? Having a comprehensive report can pay dividends especially when selling or trading in your car. Regular maintenance at an Acura service center in Peabody, MA ensures your vehicle has a track record of professional upkeep.

Full-Service History Defined

A car with a full-service history has undergone regular maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer guidelines. For most vehicles, the recommendation is a maintenance session every 40,000 to 50,000 miles.

The keyword in full-service history is “full.” This means you didn’t skip any intervals and have the records of each service session. Skipping even only one session disqualifies your vehicle from having the full-service history designation.

Why a Full-Service History Matters

A car with a full-service history is more reliable because it has undergone the regular checkups, meaning there are less likely to be problems with the individual parts.

How does this benefit the owner? For starters, it helps the vehicle retain its value, ensuring you can sell or trade at a higher price. Being able to advertise your vehicle as having a full-service history also makes it more attractive to prospect buyers.

Remember to Keep Records

Keep all documentation of servicing. Fortunately, this is quite easy to do. Vehicles nowadays come with a service book. This may be a separate booklet or be included in the back pages of your vehicle user manual. After every vehicle servicing at a dealership, have the technician stamp the page with the dealership logo and date of service. Be sure to keep all receipts and invoices as well.

Make maintenance routine by scheduling tune-ups at Acura of Peabody. Our service department performs maintenance on all Acura vehicles, including beloved models like the Acura Integra.