When it comes time to upgrade your Acura car with new parts or simply replace worn-out parts, you’ll find that you have two choices: aftermarket and OEM parts. If you’re unfamiliar with the car parts market, you may be tempted to choose the cheaper aftermarket parts, but by doing this, you sacrifice quality and face the chance that the part will not properly fit in your vehicle. Here at our Acura parts department, we only carry authentic OEM Acura parts. Here is what sets them apart from other car parts.

What Are OEM Parts?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and, as their name implies, are made by the vehicle’s manufacturer. They match the parts that came with your new Acura car when it rolled off the assembly line. For instance, if you buy a new Acura ILX and eventually need to replace its brake pads, the OEM replacement pads will be the exact same ones that came with the car.

On the other hand, aftermarket parts are parts for a vehicle that are not sourced by Acura and their reliability is not certain.

Why Are OEM Parts Better?

When it comes time to choose between OEM parts and aftermarket parts, you may be at a loss at which type to choose. However, OEM parts have the following advantages that make them better:

  • Easier to Choose Your Part: If you go to the parts counter at our dealership and ask for a part, there is only one high-quality option.
  • Greater Quality: The OEM part should work exactly the same as the one you are replacing.
  • Comes with a Warranty: Acura backs up their OEM parts with a one-year warranty.

Shop for a wide selection of authentic OEM Acura parts here at Acura of Peabody.