Safety is an essential factor for the majority of car buyers. When you browse our Acura cars, find out which models feature the latest safety technology. Here are the top three safety implementations that make daily commuting safer. 

1. Jewel Eye® LED Headlights 

The brand’s Jewel Eye LED Headlights utilize six bulbs with the latest LED innovations. The headlights are designed to mimic natural sunlight. How does this make you safer? It reduces eye fatigue, and testing showed that the lights help drivers identify hazardous objects 200 milliseconds sooner than traditional headlights. This may not seem like a significant difference, but when going 60 mph, it enables you to spot objects ahead 17-feet sooner. That provides the split-second needed to react to a potential road hazard. 

2. Blind Spot Warning 

The blind spot monitoring system gives you an audible warning when an oncoming vehicle enters your blind spot zone. The system will also warn you when you activate the turn signal lights and a vehicle is within your blind spot in the lane you intend to switch to. Blind spot monitoring comes standard in all current-year Acura cars, including models like the Acura MDX

3. Vehicle Stability Assist® (VSA) 

Vehicle Stability Assist® keeps the car steady when you inadvertently make a quick turn or require additional traction under slippery terrain. VSA automatically activates the minute you start your vehicle, so there’s no need to manually turn it on. The system includes a suite of sensors that monitor car information like speed, G-force, and throttle position. 

Stop by Acura of Peabody to see our full lineup! Speak to our client advisors to find out which safety features come standard or are available as optional upgrades. Some premium safety features come standard in upper trims.