Having been Acura dealers serving Greater Boston, MA for as long as we’ve been, we’ve seen a lot of Acura models over the years. Of course, we’ve also seen different versions of the same vehicles as they’ve gone through redesigns as well. We’re excited to tell you that the odds are quite good that the 2020 Acura MDX represents the last crossover of its current generation because it’s widely speculated that a fully redesigned Acura MDX will hit the market in the 2021 model-year.

The automaker we represent hasn’t been very forthcoming with details about what will be in an all-new Acura MDX. While that’s the case, the carmaker apparently did provide some clues about the crossover in the software for the infotainment system found in the 2020 Acura RDX.

Over the summer a user named “rdx.god” claimed to have uncovered images of the upcoming Acura MDX along with the equally anticipated 2021 Acura TLX hidden in the software of the infotainment system in the new Acura RDX. The user shared the uncovered images in the Acurazine forums, much to the delight of everyone who saw them.

Interior photos indicate that the 2021 Acura MDX will have ambient interior lighting. They also reveal a driver display as well as selectable driving modes. With Sport and Sport+ driving modes available, it seems as if we can expect a Type-S performance-oriented model in the 2021 Acura MDX lineup. If that’s the case, the Type-S trim will likely be powered by its own turbocharged V6 engine.

On the outside, the redesigned Acura MDX seems like it has a front end that mimics the one on the Acura RDX. The crossover’s overall profile appears to retain many similarities with the current Acura MDX.

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