As the part that brings your vehicle to a stop, brakes are absolutely essential for proper safety. Having properly-conditioned and serviced brakes can also make a big difference when it comes to vehicle performance and overall driving satisfaction. When it comes time for brake service, it is best to trust the work to a professional and trustworthy mechanic. Here at our Acura service center, our team of highly-trained technicians is ready to perform a brake inspection.

So how exactly do brakes work? A lot happens when you press down on the brake pedal, which brings your vehicle to a safe stop. First, the act of pressing down on the brakes sends a signal to the cylinders to supply brake fluid to your brake calipers so that they can power your brake pads. Thus, in order for your brakes to function properly, the calipers, pads, and rotors all need to be in top shape, and you need to have an adequate amount of brake fluid in your system. When you bring in your new Acura car to our Acura service center for a brake inspection, we will take a look at all of these components.

Now you may be wondering how often you should get a brake inspection. At the very least, we recommend yearly brake inspections as a preventative measure. If you’re noticing any symptoms of brake wear or unusual noises when you brake, you should schedule a service appointment as soon as possible. Here at our service center, we also offer rotating brake service specials, so check our website to see if we have any current offers.

To schedule brake service today, simply contact our service center.