If you’ve been waiting for the all-new Acura NSX, then your wait is almost over.  Here at Acura of Peabody, we’ve got all the details on the long-awaited and highly anticipated remake of this great model.   Featuring the perfect balance of power and efficiency, style and performance, the all-new NSX is sure to turn heads as others stare in envy.  While the NSX is engineered to be a top-notch super car, the same innovations that were used in the NSX can be found in the entire Acura lineup.  Like many Acura dealers, we’re excited to show you everything this powerful vehicle has to offer and we think you might just like what you see.

The Acura NSX will feature a hand-assembled 3.5L twin-turbocharged V6 engine that takes the master builders over six hours to assemble at the plant in Anna, Ohio.  With three electric motors and a 9-speed DCT, the NSX offers amazing response and will allow you to take advantage of its incredible power with the utmost precision.  The sport hybrid all-wheel drive system offers unparalleled feel for the road and will provide a thrilling connection between you and the pavement.  The design of the NSX not only provides a head-turning aesthetic appearance, but also helps to aid in the performance of the vehicle.  Features like the Total Airflow Management system allow the car to breathe, as air flows through the NSX thanks to a brilliantly designed system that manages heat and down force without compromising the vehicle’s looks.

The Acura NSX will surely be a sight to be seen when the 2016 models release next year.  Until then, why not come visit our Boston area Acura dealership and take one of our great new 2015 Acura models for a spin?  We look forward to seeing you soon!