Here at Acura of Peabody, we know that the winter season can be tough on your Acura car. A model like the 2019 Acura TLX will serve you well all year round, but it will appreciate some extra care before the cold and snow set in. That’s why our service center is ready to assist you with all forms of winter maintenance.

The first thing that we’ll inspect is your battery. This crucial component helps your vehicle start up. Extreme temperatures can affect its performance, so we’ll make sure that it holds a charge and that corrosion isn’t an issue. If you need a new one, we’ll find one for you. That way you won’t have to be worried about being stuck somewhere in the cold with a car that won’t start.

Other types of winter maintenance help you stay safer on the road. The mechanics at our Acura service center can check your tires for damage or shallow tread depth. If you need new ones, we’ll get them. If you need a tire rotation or wheel alignment, we can take care of that too. We’ll also take a closer look at your brakes. You want these to be responsive, especially when the roads get a bit more slippery. Our trained technicians will make sure that you can bring your car to a stop when you need to.

Of course, we’ll also check out your HVAC system. You don’t want to tackle your daily commute in a car with no heat! We’ll spot any issues and help you stay comfortable all season long.

So talk to the experts at our North Shore Acura dealership today and make sure that your car is ready for the cold and snow. Our experienced mechanics are ready to get your luxury vehicle into top shape for the season. We look forward to seeing you!