Here at your Acura dealers serving Andover, Acura of Peabody, our team cares not only about the safety of our drivers but also about the longevity of their new or pre-owned Acura model. We want to help you take care of your vehicle so that it operates as efficiently and safely as possible! Keep reading to learn more about proper tire care!

There are a number of reasons why taking care of your tires is a good idea. For starters, regularly inspecting your tires and conducting routine tire care maintenance such as rotation, alignment, and checking the air pressure can help save you money. If you’re operating your tires with the proper air pressure and inflation levels, they will last a lot longer. Properly inflated tires can make a real difference. For instance, over- or under-inflated tires don’t wear evenly, and therefore, won’t last as long. A rule of thumb to follow is that a tire that is consistently 20% under-inflated can last up to 20% less, which could equate in a huge difference in the mileage. It’s important to remember that the outside air temperature can also affect your tires inflation level, or PSI. Typically, for every ten degree drop in air temperature, your tire will deflate by 1 PSI. Make sure you check your vehicle’s operator’s manual to see what the proper PSI is for your tires, and then routinely check your tires to make sure that the PSI is correct.

Another way to ensure that your tires wear evenly is by getting routine tire rotations and balancing. The front and rear axles and left and right sides of your car can wear down your tires differently, and routinely rotating them will go a long way towards ensuring that they wear evenly. To find out more about how to take care of your tires, check out an Acura dealership near you to speak to a member of our service team today!