With the arrival of spring comes a time for making new changes. One positive change you can make is giving your Acura car extra care.

Make an appointment for general maintenance at our service center near Danvers, MA. Here are some services to consider as part of your spring preparation plan.

Oil Change 

It’s standard practice to check your oil dipstick at least once per month even if your car isn’t due for an oil change. Severe driving conditions can prematurely lead to contaminants getting inside your fluid. If your oil appears blackened or sludge-like, schedule an oil change or a flush. 

Tire Check 

Check your tires’ psi once every 30 days and perform a tread inspection using the penny test. If you notice greater tread wear in one tire more than the others, then you may need a tire rotation. Beyond the treads, you should also check the sidewalls for cracks, punctures, and bubbling. 

Brake Check 

Brake pads and rotors are two parts of your brakes that require careful attention. Expect to replace your pads every 50,000 miles and your rotors every 70,000 to 100,000 miles. You should also schedule a brake inspection if you notice that your brake pedal gradually feels less responsive. This can increase your car’s stopping distance and is a safety liability. 

Battery Check 

The fluids inside your battery cell undergo a lot of changes at the molecular level in response to temperature fluctuations. Your battery undergoes plenty of adverse conditions over the course of winter. Have a technician perform a voltage check to determine if yours has ample power. 

Schedule a maintenance appointment today at Acura of Peabody. We perform spring tune-ups and repairs on all Acura models, including the Acura ILX. Make spring the season to commit to automotive care!