When a new season arrives, it’s important to anticipate encountering different hazards on the area’s roadways. With fall now in full swing, you should be on the lookout for several things you might not have had to worry about during the summer.

Fall’s arrival means it’s tailgating time for a lot of people. For deer, autumn’s arrival means it’s time to mate and migrate, which typically causes an increase in deer activity. Deer are often more active in the early morning and evening hours. While you should always keep an eye out for wildlife entering the road, it’s particularly important to do so in the morning and evening.

Even people who aren’t the biggest fans of the outdoors are hard-pressed to deny the beauty of fall foliage. When the leaves start to fall, however, they can make driving a risky endeavor by making streets slick or covering markings on the road. If it rains, fallen leaves can make things even more dangerous. When you come across a roadway covered with leaves, slow down and increase your following distance.

Leaves aren’t the only things that pose a threat during fall. The people who visit the area around our Greater Boston, MA Acura dealership to look at them can also make driving trickier than usual. Leaf peepers sometimes make sudden, unexpected moves on the road to get a better view of the foliage so you need to be prepared to react quickly.

Your own car can put you at risk for getting stuck on the side of the road this fall if you’ve neglected the routine maintenance it needs. Make an appointment to bring your vehicle into our Peabody, MA Acura service center to get caught up with your automobile’s routine maintenance now.

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