Knowing that you need regular Acura service is one thing, but knowing when you need it is something else. If you’re not sure when your car requires routine care and maintenance, this guide from our Acura dealers may help.

Every Few Months 

Your fluids should be checked every few months just to make sure they are at the right levels. While most fluids should stay where they are, others – like wiper fluid – will get used up quickly. You should also test your tire pressure, as it can fluctuate. 

Every Six Months 

There are two very important service tasks that should be done twice per year. The first is an oil change. Oil degrades over time and stops doing its job properly, which is why changing it every six months is key.

The other task to schedule every six months is a tire rotation. This ensures that your tires are wearing down evenly, which extends their lifespan. 

Annual Services

Your oil filter should be changed every other oil change, so it works out to be every year. Your braking system should also be examined so we can check on the condition of your brake pads and shoes.

Finally, make sure to have your battery tested yearly as well. Batteries don’t last long, and knowing how much charge yours has left can help you be proactive about replacing it. 

Schedule an Acura Service Appointment at Acura of Peabody 

Regular service is the best way to keep your Acura running well for years to come. If your vehicle needs any of the above tasks, just make an appointment with our service center at Acura of Peabody. We can also put your car on a schedule so you never miss any important service dates.