When you’re looking for a luxury car, don’t just check out our selection of new Acura models. Here at Acura of Peabody, we can also help you find a pre-owned vehicle that you’ll love. These cars are dependable, luxurious, and fun to drive. Buying pre-owned might even offer you a few advantages.

One of the obvious benefits of buying a pre-owned Acura car is the price. New cars can drop in value rather quickly, but when you buy a pre-owned model you get to benefit from that. A car that’s just a few years old could cost you less than you think.

Was there a car that was out of your price range a little while ago? Now a pre-owned Acura car or SUV might fit into your budget. With the money you’re saving, you might even be able to go for a model that offers more features and tech. We have so many cars to choose from on our lot, including vehicles that offer perks like the Technology Package, so it’s never difficult to find a pre-owned luxury model that delivers exactly what you’re searching for.

We also have to mention our selection of Certified Pre-Owned Acura cars. You know that our vehicles are reliable, but this certification process can give you extra peace of mind. These particular models have gone through a rigorous 182-point inspection. Each one meets our high standards and we think that they’ll meet yours as well. Trained technicians take a close look at everything from the engine to the door locks. Each Certified Pre-Owned model even comes with a comprehensive warranty.

So before you just go for the newest car on the lot, talk to our nearby Acura dealers about our pre-owned cars. We think that drivers here in the Danvers area will find a lot to love about our selection. We hope to see you soon!