While you may not give tire care much thought, your tires still need to be serviced on occasion. Even if you only drive on pristine roads, your tires experience wear and tear whenever you travel, and as a result, the tread wears down. 

It’s important to keep tabs on your tire tread, which is why our Acura service center offers this guide to help you stay on top of maintenance. 

Start with a Visual Inspection

The first thing to do is take a look at your tires, as a visual inspection can help you gauge their health. If your tires look shallow or you notice balding in some places, you may need a replacement.  

The Penny Test 

To know for sure whether or not your tires are safe, grab a penny. Insert it into a tread groove with Lincoln’s face pointed down. If you can’t see most of his face, your tread is probably fine. But if most or all of Lincoln’s head is showing, the treads are too low. It’s a good idea to test the treads on different places of each tire.  

Don’t Wait to Have Your Tires Replaced

Your tire tread is critical for giving you the traction you need to slow down and stop. If they’re shallow, you’re putting yourself and your passengers at risk every time you drive.

Having high-quality Acura tires you can count on is especially important when roads become slick. If your treads pass the penny test, you’re good to go. However, if they don’t, make an appointment with our service center at Acura of Peabody. We’ll give your tires the expert care they need to keep you safe wherever you go.