Despite the growth of hybrid Acura models, vehicles with gasoline combustion engines are still the most popular. When a gasoline combustion engine is running, there are thousands of tiny explosions that occur, yet only a soft, muted sound can be heard coming out of the exhaust. Why is this, and what keeps the sound muffled? The reason these sounds are suppressed is the car’s muffler. Here at Acura of Peabody, the mechanics at our Acura parts department are happy to educate you on how the muffler works.

How Does the Muffler Work?

In order to take in fresh air and fuel, combustion engines found in Acura cars need to get rid of burnt fumes. There is an entire mechanism that has been created just to get rid of these burnt fumes so that they can escape the car quietly. Put simply, the muffler is built with a set of tubes inside of it, and these tubes are designed in such a way that they reflect the sound waves back and forth.

Through this process, the noise of the engine is significantly reduced. The fumes are then passed through the tiny holes that are present inside the muffler. Finally, the muffler emits the fumes through the exhaust.

Why Do You Need a Muffler?

If your muffler is old or not working properly, your car’s engine will make a loud noise every time you drive. Some drivers notice their muffler making sounds before it breaks down, which is a good time to bring your car to our Peabody mechanic. Our dealership has authentic OEM Acura parts that guarantee the best possible performance.

Get your muffler replaced here at Acura of Peabody.