At Acura of Peabody, we know we sell some dependable cars that will hold their value well. A model like the 2019 Acura MDX is ready to serve you well for years to come. That’s why it’s no surprise that some classic Acura models are still out there, selling for high prices to avid collectors. One model recently broke an auction record.

If you love Acura cars, you’re probably familiar with the Acura Integra. It hasn’t been around for a while, but it was a sporty small model that really took off with car enthusiasts. The second-generation edition ended up getting a “Type R” version that enhanced its popularity even more. It had a total output of almost 200 horsepower, a huge rear wing, and other touches that really helped it stand out. Some drivers still think that, among front-wheel drive cars, nothing handles better than an Acura Integra Type R.

This model was made in limited numbers and was popular with real car fans, so you know what that means. Drivers are willing to pay good money to get an Acura Integra Type R of their own. Many of these models are still running just fine. One of them just sold for $63,800, setting a brand new record for this particular model. That’s just months after an Acura Integra Type R sold for more than $40,000 in Florida. This record-setting Acura Integra Type R has a mere 1,200 miles on the odometer too, so we think that the new owner will be able to experience everything this vehicle has to offer for quite a while.

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